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ZPA HardCoded ( A new era of zombie servers ) [199 Eur]


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Today I decided to put my private addons in public sale, personal coded by me and my team from Rep. Moldova and Romania.
As a basic platform of this mode was taken Zombie Plague Advance, it has been completely fixed by critical bugs and Errors, was brought to the current state through a major upgrade and professional coding.
About server:
The capacity of the default mission we tended to keep the original. So the mission map is played all about the same, to gather ammo to take an mod from the 4 proposed: Nemesis, Assassin, Sniper, Survivor.
Besides basic mod we have been modified / added several gameplay modes invented by me and they are very interesting and different:
Assassin Invasion
Snipers Revenge
Nemesis Revenge
Nightmare (as amended in gameplay)
Server was combined with elements of CSO, elements from CS: Zombies to Nexon Special effects elements of their own ideas.
So start from the beginning:
1. Premium VIP privileges Users will have in menu weapons from. Also will start ammo packs to the the start of map.  Also will start the round with armor, Here you can see Premium VIP privileges:
Reservation name: Slot with password on flag b.
Special Class Zombie Zombie Paint: The best balanced class for zombie.
Double Jump: Double Jump (It is Necessary switch to knife).
Starting ammo packs: Each VIP / Administrator receives 15 ammo packs starting on map start.
Armor on spawn: Each VIP / Administrator receives 100 Armor starting on spawn.
2 Rockets for Bazooka: Each VIP / Administrator receives two bazooka rockets When reloading.
Guns Premium: Premium Access to all Guns.
Double-time Gold Guns: All Gold Guns Given x2 time (120 minutes INSTEAD OF 60)
Sprint: Each VIP / Administrator has fast run on double pressing of W (test mode, not active).
2. Rank's:

~~~~~ Archangel ~~~~~
~~~~~ Darksider ~~~~~
~~~~~ Dark Girls ~~~~~
~~~~~ Phantom ~~~~~
~~~~~ Assassin ~~~~~
~~~~~ Mutant ~~~~~
~~~~~ Hybrid ~~~~~
~~~~~ Zombie ~~~~~
~~~~~ Cannibal ~~~~~
~~~~~ VIP ~~~~~
Each rank has its privileges in part, you will be able to configure privileges and ranks.
3. The server have motd available information about any privileges and helpful commands are run to regular messages in chat stuff that inform the players.
4. The server is equipped with optimized quality models without large amounts of poligons, so you will have always a stable FPS, besides special effects.
5. The server is translated into two languages, all menus and settings will also be translated into the chosen language difference. You have the capability to translate addons in any language you want.
6. The extra items, almost all staff are scripted, adapted by me. We have a unique Jetpack + Bazooka, which you will dont find anywhere in the world :)
7. The server is equipped with special effects, very beautiful, enriching gameplay, atmosphere is emphasizing the Apocalypse, and simply offer a fun and interesting game ...
Server is equipped with a Level System also invented by me. Also in LVL System we implemented a 2 Currency "Gold", which can be spent in a Gold Shop where you'll have the guns CSO, powerful and less powerful, personally coded and balanced, knives, equipment, grenades, zombie special classes, elixirs, mutagens and another item's that with time we add in shop.
LVL Systeme uses MySQL database, so even a free hosting goes for not large database that uses this system.
To create your account in systema of LVL is needed accessed directly from the server M 8 and to take care that the entry always have been logined, because the upgrading to LVL, automatic saving of LVL, currency of Gold is only for logged users in account.
About LVL System (The menu can be opened directly in the game by typing M 8):
Systeme of LVL is created based on a "progressive" formula. Every frag you did will get a Skillpoint, which then will pick LVL up. Skill upgrade financed sites are these:
1. Strength [0/400] (+ HP on every spawn)
2. Health Regeneration [0/300] (HP Regeneration)
3. Superior Armor [0/100] (+ Armor every spawn)
4. Nano Armor [0/300 [(Regeneration Armor)
5. Increased speed [0/100] (+ Speed)
6. Anti Gravity Device [0/100] (+ Gravity)
In total we have 1,300 LVL sites. Formula:
General Formula: S = n (n + 1) / 2
In this case: S = 1300 (1300 + 1) / 2
So to raise the maximum LVL, it needs to do: 845 650 frags
You have to come in and analyze personal server system.
2'nd currency is Gold and is still a part of this system. So every 10th frag, the player get +1 Gold in your personal account. With this currency he could acquire weapons and other special-items from Gold Shop, which will be available only for 60 minutes (120 minutes for VIP Premium). It will remain only to come on the server and see with your eyes these details.
Also available is the administrator console command to add / remove gold in any player's account in the database, access is ADMIN_RCON flag (flag l).
The system is stable, no bugs. Using MySQL, stable system greatly facilitates the work of the server. Tested and infiltrated way one year and a half, so any small problems and bugs have been eliminated a long time ago.
I could describe more details about this addons yet, but I'm afraid that will get bored reading such a big text :)
Therefore I let a server adress with this addons, where you can test from A to Z:
Of course every wish, which is interested to buy your addons, will be offered for testing privileges Premium VIP, Gold..
The price is: 199 Euro + %
Method of payment: Paypal / Webmoney (you can propose other ways of payment if do not have one payment system as proposed by me)
Each copy of addons will be in the form of license with serial number and will run only on a single IP address. In case one and the same Serial Number will be caught by our server on multiple addresses, it will be placed blacklist and to unlock the serial number will have to be contacted me.
To change your IP address, you should contact me. It will need to change old IP from Serial Number with new address.
For frequent copyright violations possible to stop addons's Support and serial number of addons going to permanent banlist.
All updates prepared for the future, will be distributed free / pay each buyer individually.
Technical support you receive at any time of course when I will be available online.
My contacts:
Skype: slackerok89
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