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§1 General provisions

If a new member of the forum from the first postings shows that he has not read the rules, has read them inaccurately or without understanding, or has understood them and still does not obey them, he will immediately (without warning) be blocked from posting on the forum.

2) Prohibition of posting pictures commonly considered offensive (pornography, deviations, etc.). 3.

3. topics inconsistent with the subject matter of the Forum will be transferred to the corresponding subject matter, closed, or completely deleted. 4.

Duplicate topics (with the same subject matter) will be deleted. 5.

5. nonsensical posts (e.g. in the application "I am on yes / on yes" or similar written in a similar way, which do not contain justification of the statement) or very different from the subject will be removed or rewarded with a guard.

5.1 Speaking in your application is dangerous because it is considered spam and why? And because there is an option "edit" and that's what we stick to. 6.

6. the content of the topic should testify to its content. Otherwise see point 3. 7.

Moderators and Administrator have the right to delete a post that somehow offends other users. 8.

In extreme cases access to the forum will be blocked (ban). 9.

9. the signature must not contain more than two graphics and must have a "decent" length (size).

9.1 Graphics from Gametracker.com are not included in the 9th point! 10.

Prohibition of private wars.

11. all manifestations of rudeness will be fought against.

12. it is forbidden to force people to give you a reputation, e.g. "I will give you this note for reputation". "Agree as you give +". It will be punished with a veil. 13.

13th Prohibition of abuse of curses and vulgarisms (not only in Polish). We are also talking about starred (***) words, etc. 14.

14. notes about spelling mistakes or punctuation errors, as well as any verbal disclaimers are dealt with by private messages (PM). 15.

15th Prohibition of placing an ultimatum on the Administrator under the threat of blocking access to the Forum. 16.

16. no advertisements of other Forums may be placed on the Forum [unless there is a specific section for this purpose]. 17.

Moderators and Administrator have the right to close the topic if the author of the topic has learned what he wanted, or the discussion deviates from the initial assumptions. 18.

18. "send me a message at moj_mail@adres.pl" will be dealt with by private messages (PM). Posts of this type will be deleted. 19.

Only the Administrator, Moderators and privileged users have the right to create probes. 20.

Any manifestations of posting will be meticulously combated. This also includes postings such as "If I had known it I would have told you, but I don't know". 21.

(21) It is forbidden to actively use two or more accounts by one person or to create a special account to avoid supervision. 22.

22. if you have any questions, I first contact the Moderator of the department, and only later (if no answer is received /no answer/) with the Administrator. The Administrator does not answer questions, which should be directed to the moderator of a given department. 23.

It is forbidden to draw the attention of other users that they have broken the rules (of course it is only posting with such content, as an addition it is allowed). From this is the "Submit a post to a moderator" function next to each post. 24.

We will not tolerate illiteracy. It is not about clinginging to the orthrists, but extreme cases. Fasting should be relatively clear and understandable. Sentences and own names written in capital letters, with punctuation marks and spaces after them (and not before them). If someone wants to write posts without Polish diacritical marks, it is not a problem, but the rules of spelling and punctuation still apply. One should also be consistent. 25.

Distribution of all kinds of warez'ów by means of this forum is forbidden (signatures, topics for evaluation with forums on such topics, posts) and threatens to receive a ban. 26.

If you act against the forum, you will receive a ban. 27.

27. if the author does not obey the regulation mentioned herein, this will be punished with a varnish and the post will be thrown into the trash can. 28.

28. the use of the bot for advertisements in applications for which advertisements are needed is prohibited. The application will be automatically rejected. 29.

29th Any CSVista who has a higher rank than the "server admin" together with it has no right to have a higher rank than the server admin on another forum. This threatens to lose rank here and information to the other side. 30.

30. statements in applications are to be justified by at least three arguments. If this is not fulfilled, the user will receive a warning to his account + warning! 31.

It is forbidden to apply to any forum body with active warnings in your account - but this does not include server rankings. 32.

Refreshing topics is allowed after 24 hours. Posting after 1 day is not considered as spam only as a refresh of the topic.

§2 Ban

(1) Blocking access to the forum is done by placing a ban on the nickname, ip or both.

A person who has a ban cannot browse the Forum. 3.

3. the Administrator decides about blocking access for the user after consultation with the Moderators. 4.

After receiving the ban, the person has 3 days to logically clarify the situation in case of any misunderstanding. After this time the ban is final and is not subject to discussion or even more so negotiation by other users. 5.

5. a person who breaks the rules for the third time is expelled from the Forum. 6.

The person who is thrown out belongs to a group: "Banned". 7.

The alternative (lighter version) is a form of supervision over the person, consisting in the need to have all his/her posts approved by a moderator.

§3 Registration

Each User has the right to create only one user account. 2.

The active user does not have the right to request the deletion of his User Account. Individuals register in the forum voluntarily, not in order for these accounts to be deprived of their rights to the forum after a certain period of time. 3,

During the registration process, the Passive User is requested to do so:

a. Enter a selected User ID ("Displayed Name"),

b. Enter your e-mail address,

c. Enter and confirm a unique password,

d. the answer to the registration question,

e. Enter a unique security code.

Successful completion of the registration process changes the status of the Quest to User. 4.

4th Forum allows the User to change the password at any time after the first successful login. 5.

During the registration process, the User is unconditionally obliged to provide complete, truthful and up-to-date data, i.e. data consistent with the actual state of affairs.


III. OTHER Other. 1:

Each shoutbox user is obliged to read the Terms and Conditions. 2.

2. we reserve the right to change the Terms and Conditions without informing the users about this change. 3.

The number of warning points awarded to the Moderator/Administrator is decided by the Moderator/Administrator. 4.

The ban is given when the number of warning points is 3. 5.

5. the ban is given for an indefinite period of time, unless the Moderator/Administrator decides otherwise.


Advertising competitive websites/servers on Counter-Strike - Permanent blocking to our account. 2.

2. lack of culture, imaginating/complaints - 1 to 2 warning points. 3.

3. Spam - 1-2 Warning Points. 4.

4. sending out prohibited content - 1 Warning point. 5.

Sending links to applications or requests for help - 1 warning point.

Excessive abuse of the BBCODE - 1 Warning point

§4 Tariff of warnings

The register of warnings imposed may be maintained by each user in his or her user account without the need to consult with the Administrator of the CSowicze.pl forum 2.

The Administrator of the Forum has the right to impose in an individual and justified case a temporary or indefinite ban, e.g. for repeated or serious violation of the Forum.

§5 Final provisions

(1) The Forum shall ensure that it takes the utmost care to ensure that the Forum system operates in a continuous and trouble-free manner.

(2) For comments, remarks and activities concerning the functioning of the Forum, please

o contact at the following e-mail address: kontakt@csowicze.pl.

3. the Regulations shall enter into force on the day of publication on the main page of the Forum.


§6 Statuses

All statuses with reputational points exchange offer will be removed. 2.

2. no advertising of other websites/portals/forums/channels, etc. This applies both to names, links and images/photos. 3.

(3) Notorious spamming with the same status or frequent typing, at small intervals of time of a new status is prohibited.

(4) Placing within 24 hours, 3 (in words: three) the same or similar statuses, i.e. containing the same or similar content (differing in one letter, punctuation mark or changed order), as well as those aiming at the same message will be treated as spam.

(5) Placing reflints in statuses is forbidden. 6.

6. any kind of hating, names, images is forbidden. This also applies to links, as well as images/photos. 7.

Administration reserves the right to delete user statuses without giving a reason. 8.

(7) Links may be placed in the statuses if they do not violate the Global Terms and Conditions, the rules and customs of the forum and do not violate the good manners and feelings of the users.

Please note that the Administration reserves the right to remove any status where there is a reasonable suspicion that it violates the rules, customs or leads to inappropriate content WITHOUT APPLICATION.

New system: While a user creates a second account at the same IP address (multi account), the "Duplicate Members Logger" application makes his IP and the IP of the other person who created the account at the same IP. By registering on the forum you accept this condition.

Copyright by CSowicze.pl All rights reserved.

Version created for users of the network www.CSowicze.pl

The regulations enter into force on 28.06.2014.

It is forbidden to copy or reproduce any part of the forum under the threat of Article 25 of the Copyright Act.


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